Public Utilities Conservation Efforts

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Current Size: 80%

Switzer Dam - Harrisonburg water source

Due to the increasing demands of our water resources, the Department of Public Utilities is providing the following information in an effort to educate and stress the importance of becoming more water efficient. A significant level of water conservation can be achieved without major changes in lifestyle. Simply watering landscapes properly and utilizing efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances in the home can reduce the per-capita water use by 25 percent.


Current Conservation Level What You Can Do
  No Restrictions - Save water, save energy
  Watch - what to do during a drought watch PDF [55.3KB]
 Arrow marker Warning - what to do during a drought warning PDF [48.8 KB]
  Emergency - what to do during a drought emergency PDF [64.27 KB]

Household Conservation Tips

Indoor PDF[101KB]

Outdoor PDF [88KB]

Conservation Plans:

Drought Preparedness and Response Plan PDF [755KB]

Harrisonburg, VA Code of Ordinance 7-2-19

Upper Shenandoah River Basin Water Supply Plan PDF [5.3MB]


No Restrictions 

Save water = Save Energy

You use energy to heat water and run appliances. Consider how much you use in key areas; the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. See more tips to become more water efficient and actively eliminate the wasteful use of treated water. 

Household Conservation Tips

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