University Blvd and Evelyn Byrd Roadway Reconfiguration and Sidewalks

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Current Size: 80%

This project will reconfigure University Blvd (0.7 miles) and Evelyn Byrd Avenue (1.3 miles) by converting the streets from 4 lanes to 2 vehicle lanes, a center turn lane and bike lanes to provide access management and improve safety. University Blvd has a high density of commercial entrances, which leads to dangerous weaving throughout the corridor as vehicles try to get around turning vehicles, and results in other safety hazards related to speeds and turning movements. The project will also bring a multimodal focus to University Blvd and Evelyn Byrd Ave. Sidewalks will be added to University Blvd on both sides, and on Evelyn Byrd Ave on the north/east side to connect sporadic sections of existing sidewalk. Bus shelters and benches will be added to bus stops. This project is funded by a VDOT Smart Scale grant.

PDF[443KB] Project Diagram PDF

Image file[58KB] Project Diagram JPEG

Project Schedule:

Preliminary Engineering and Public Involvement: 2022-23

Right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation: 2023-24

Construction: 2025