Transit Development Plan and Survey

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The City of Harrisonburg’s Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) is in the process of updating its six year transit development plan.

Every six years, HDPT is required to update its plan. The process for the City’s next update started in the fall with a kickoff meeting and surveys that were conducted for riders on the buses.

A transit development plan is a state required study of the City’s transit services. It helps identify transit service needs, prioritize improvements, and determine the resources required for implementing modified or new service. This plan includes an evaluation of the current transit routes and service levels, an analysis of ridership, and recommendations regarding the cost of providing transit services.

A public survey was conducted as part of the planning process. The purpose of the survey is to enable area residents to voice their opinions concerning public transportation in the city. *The survey closed on January 31, 2017.



The anticipated completion date for the transit development plan is September 2017.

For more information, contact Gerald Gatobu, assistant director of HDPT, at or 540-432-0492.