Tall Grass and Weeds

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Between April 1st and November 1st of each year, every owner of real estate in the City shall, at their own expense, cut and maintain grass, weeds and foreign growth from their property, with the following exceptions:

  1. Farm land, not including business gardens, on which crops are being grown or land used to pasture livestock.
  2. Acreage not farmed or pastured but which is not subdivided and of which no subdivision plat has been recorded.  However, on such unused acreage, the owner shall mow a strip 25 feet wide adjacent to any street or adjoining property on which a residence is located.
  3. Alleys and public streets that are not open to vehicular traffic and which are governed by the Maintenance Improvement Plan to Public Alleys.
  4. Subdivided and recorded residential lots fronting undeveloped public street right-of-ways.
  5. Areas which the City has qualified as an approved and maintained Best Management Practice for stormwater regulatory compliance and/or stormwater utility fee credit purposes.

Whenever grass, weeds, brush or other foreign growth attains a height of twelve (12) inches or more, it shall be presumed to threaten the health, safety and general welfare of residents of the City. Between April 1st and November 1st individuals can Contact the Department of Planning and Community Development to report a “Tall Grass and Weeds” violation and the City will inspect the property and, if necessary, notify the property owner of the violation.

Failure to resolve a “Tall Grass and Weeds” violation after appropriate notification by the City shall result in the City having the grass, weeds or other growth removed. The property owner will then be billed for all associated costs. If the bill is not paid in thirty (30) days, the City Manager shall transmit the bill to the City Treasure, who shall include the amount in the next regular bill of the property owner.


To view detailed regulations pertaining to Tall Grass and Weeds see the City Code Section 16-6-58. Weeds, etc., on lots. Although the Tall Grass and Weeds Ordinance is part of the Title 16 Offenses of the City Code, it is primarily enforced by the Planning and Zoning Division of the Department of Planning and Community Development.

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