Stormwater Improvement Plan

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Harrisonburg's Stormwater Improvement Plan (SWIP) is intended to be a long-range visionary plan that incorporates the City's stormwater needs to achieve regulatory compliance. The SWIP outlines how stormwater utility fee funds will be invested in projects to filter, control, and treat polluted runoff before it reaches local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. 


2017 Stormwater Improvement Plan 

City Council adopted the Stormwater Improvement Plan in December 2017. Review the current plan below:

Main Report: Stormwater Improvement Plan PDF[2.4MB]

Appendix A: Watershed Assessment PDF[400KB]

Appendix B: System Capacity Assessment PDF[130KB]

Appendix C: Water Quality Assessment PDF[1.4MB]

Appendix D: Evaluation of Additional BMP Opportunities PDF[1.4MB]

Appendix E: Citywide Program Assessment PDF[135KB]

Appendix F: Field Investigations of BMP Opportunities PDF[47KB]

BMP Field Data Form Example PDF[1000KB]

Appendix G: Development of a Prioritization and Ranking Tool PDF[610KB]

Appendix H: List of Recommended BMPs PDF[130KB]

Appendix I: High Priority Concept Plans PDF[160KB]

Appendix J: Consensus Building Activities PDF[156KB]

Public Comment Form - Public Input Meeting PDF[156KB]

Public Comment Form - Public Open House Meeting PDF[156KB]


Public Meeting Posters (October 18, 2017)

Poster 1: What is the Stormwater Improvement Plan? PDF[6.7MB]

Poster 2: What is Harrisonburg Currently Doing to Reduce Pollutants? PDF[3.8MB]

Poster 3: What Water Quality Projects Have Been Identified? PDF[13MB]

Poster 4: Highest Ranked Water Quality Projects PDF[6MB]

Poster 5: How Were Water Quality Projects Selected? PDF[5MB]

Poster 5: What is the Future of the SWIP? PDF[5MB]


Public Meeting Posters (March 22, 2017)


Poster 1: What is the Stormwater Improvement Plan? PDF[990KB]

Poster 2: What is Harrisonburg Currently Doing to Reduce Pollutants? PDF[980KB]

Poster 3: What can Harrisonburg do to Increase Pollutant Removal? PDF[970KB]

Poster 4: Drainage Concerns in Harrisonburg PDF[980KB]

Poster 5: What can you do to Participate? PDF[960KB]