State Income Taxes

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All Virginia Income Tax returns must be filed or postmarked by May 1, 2020  to avoid possible penalties (see update below). Residents of the City of Harrisonburg can file their Virginia income taxes with the Commissioner of the Revenue, as opposed to sending it directly to Richmond.  The Virginia Department of Taxation has reinstated the accelerated refund program starting with the 2018 tax year filings.  All refund returns of taxpayers that have not moved from the prior year and are not first time filers will be entered by the Commissioner of the Revenue office for possible acceleration.  Checks for tax due returns can be made out to the City of Harrisonburg and mailed with the return to 409 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.  

For additional information on Virginia Income Taxes and to download Virginia forms and instructions visit the Virginia Department of Taxation website.

3-20-2020 UPDATED INFORMATION: Any Virginia income tax payments due during the period from April 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020, can now be submitted at any time on or before June 1, 2020 without penalty. As a result, Virginia Tax will automatically waive any late payment penalties that would otherwise apply so long as full payment is made by June 1, 2020. Interest will continue to accrue from the original due date of such payment. If full payment of the amount owed is not made by June 1, 2020, the penalty waiver will not apply, and late payment penalties will accrue from the original date that the payment was due. This does not provide a filing extension, taxpayers that utilize the payment extension are still required to file income tax returns by the relevant due dates.