Traffic Signals and Signs

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City crew member working on traffic cameraThe Public Works Department's Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of street signs throughout the City and for the maintenance, timing, and operation of 85 signalized intersections within the City of Harrisonburg.


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Traffic Signal Maintenance

City crews are responsible for maintaining the functionality of traffic signals in the City. City crews performing ongoing maintenance tasks, such as the installation of video detection systems, replacing signal and pedestrian lights, preventative maintenance on signal cabinet components, and repairing wired and wireless communication systems. Learn more about how traffic signals function and how they are coordinated:

PDF icon[477KB] Traffic Signal Primer

PDF icon[179KB] Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination


Traffic Sign Maintenance

City crews are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of street signs throughout the City. Crew members perform, on average, anywhere from 50 to 100 sign repairs per month and keeps watch over several thousand signs. 


Street Painting and Marking

The City of Harrisonburg manages all markings on public streets. This includes both painting and thermoplastic markings. On average, 176 linear miles of street are painted annually to re-establish double yellow center lines on existing, new, and re-paved roadways. Thermoplastic markings are made of a special type of plastic that are installed by heating the pavement with a torch for adhesion. These markings have a much longer life compared to painted markings. You will recognize these markings at most crosswalks, at signalized intersections where they are used to mark directional arrows and stop bars, and also as shared lane markings ("sharrows") and the symbol in bike lanes.


Applying thermoplastic markings with a heat gun.