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Current Size: 80%

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation will begin accepting park shelter reservations on April 4, 2022. More information will be posted in the coming months. If you have any questions, please call 540-433-2474 or email


Shelter reservations may be submitted up to 12 months prior to the requested date. 

Please note: All shelter reservations are final.  Changing of dates, parks and shelters cannot be made.  Refunds will not be given for cancellations. 

Facility Use Permit Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may be submitted in-person only at:

PDF[159KB] Facility Use Permit Application (must be submitted in-person for your reservation to be complete)

pdf.png[262KB] Facility Use Policies

*A Certificate of Liability Insurance and Endorsement may be required depending on certain circumstances specified in the policies.

Phone: 540-433-2474

Fax: 540-433-9169

*Shelter Reservation Rates are Subject to Change.

In-season shelter reservation are between April 15-October 31.  Off-season shelters are available between November 1-April 14 (Limited Park Shelters).

In-Season Shelter Reservation Rate (All Park Shelters): $35

Off-Season Shelter Reservation Rate (Limited Park Shelters): $25

*Off-Season Shelters that are exempt from rentals are Hillandale 1-9 and Riven Rock 1-4.

PDF [159KB] Facility Use Permit Application

PDF [262KB] Facility Use Policies

Reservation signs are posted on the shelters.

Each shelter has six to ten picnic tables.

Grills are provided as well as trash receptacles.

Park restrooms are available for use between April 15-October 31.    

Water and electricity are available at various shelters, but there are no shelter lights.  

Park maps:

PDF [398KB] Hillandale Park Map

PDF [141KB] Purcell Park Map

PDF [42KB] Riven Rock Park Map

PDF [217KB] Westover Park Map

PDF [185KB] Ralph Sampson Park Map