How to Obtain Public Records Using the LAMA Portal

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How to obtain building permit public records using the LAMA Portal:


Option 1: Open Data Reports

The Open Data reports do not require a LAMA account. Anyone can use this feature.

Step 1 – Navigate to

Step 2 – Select Open Data.

Screenshot of Permit Portal Landing Page 


Step 3 – Select a report and click view. You have the option to download the information as a csv file (spreadsheet).

Screenshot of available reports 


Option 2: Advanced Search

Step 1 – Navigate to

Step 2 – Create a LAMA account and log in. You must have a LAMA account and be logged in to use this feature.

Step 2 – Select Advanced Search from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of permit portal landing page 

Step 3 – Select the type of information.

Screenshot of search categories 

Step 4 – Enter search parameters.

Only one type of permit may be selected at one time using the Permit Type field. If information is needed on multiple permit types, leave the field blank and export as indicated in Step 5 and filter the resulting CSV file as needed.

Screenshot of search fields 

Step 5 – If needed, export the data.

The export will only contain the data shown on the screen. Select the maximum number per page. It may be necessary to export multiple pages separately if the data exceeds the maximum per page.

Screenshot of how to select number of items on page 

Select “All Items” and “Export.” Click “Submit.”



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