Mission Statement & Organizational Values

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Mission StatementCity Seal

The City of Harrisonburg preserves and enhances the quality of life that is unique to our community by:

  • Promoting a partnership between our citizens, elected officials and city employees.
  • Protecting the health, safety and general welfare of all citizens.
  • Planning for the orderly and efficient development of the community.
  • Identifying concerns, problems, and opportunities and taking action to address them.
  • Selecting, training, motivating and retaining highly qualified employees.
  • Creating an organizational environment that fosters integrity, encourages continuous improvement, maintains safe working conditions and promotes individual and team achievement.

Our City projects a friendly image, instills pride in the community and maintains Harrisonburg as "The City With the Planned Future."


Organizational Values

The prosperity, harmony, and livability of a community is a direct result of the interaction, trust and teamwork between its citizens, elected officials and employees. In striving to maintain our community as "The City With The Planned Future" we pledge a commitment to the following Organizational Values.

We Value an Open and Accessible Government:

In a democracy, a government must be a partnership between the citizens, elected officials and employees. We pledge to provide an open and honest government for our citizens which encourages their input and fosters a free exchange of ideas.

We Value Quality Service to Our Citizens:

The City exists to provide services to its citizens. We pledge a commitment to enhance the value and quality of city services in terms of cost and performance.

We Value Fiscal Responsibility:

Careful management of our financial resources demonstrates our respect for the citizens who provide the financial support for our organization. We pledge a commitment to the concept of fiscal responsibility and expect our employees to utilize fresh approaches and creativity in addressing issues in a cost-effective way.

We Value a Humane Organization:

We place great emphasis on the personal qualities that contribute to a humane organization and foster a caring attitude.  We provide equal employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, veteran/military status, political affiliation, disability or any other status or condition protected by applicable state, federal or local laws except where a bona fide occupational qualification applies.

We Value Equality in Opportunity and Treatment:

Fair treatment and the opportunity to prosper are basic human rights that should be afforded to both employees and citizens. We pledge to treat people fairly and with understanding so that individuals are made to feel like a part of the community’s team.

We Value a Spirit of Professionalism:

Successful completion of the task is more important than who gets the credit for it. We pledge to display a professional attitude that dictates a dispassionate analysis of issues, free of personal biases and with a commitment to the organization and the community.

We Value the Future:

So many times the future is ignored in day-to-day operations and decision-making. We pledge to prepare for the future on a daily basis, ever mindful of the changing dynamics within our organization and the community; and we understand the need to have a long-term plan and strategy for dealing with these changing dynamics.