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The Grantee Toolbox provides the most commonly needed information for sub-recipients, grantees, and participants in the City's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  We continue to upgrade this information and your suggestions for improvements are appreciated - for suggestions, email


Handbook and Sample Contracts

PDF [818KB] Playing by the Rules: CDBG Sub-Recipients Handbook
A handbook on administrative systems for Sub-recipients.

PDF [196KB] Sample Sub-recipient Contract
All non-city organizations receiving CDBG funding must sign this contract. Please do not download and sign this sample contract, as each contract is tailored in different ways to suit the specific organization. Rather, use this document to become familiar with the requirements and regulations that will apply to you should you be granted CDBG funds.

PDF [34KB] Contract Special Terms and Conditions
Special terms and conditions for agreements $10,000 and over.


Grantee Resources

Word Document [135KB] 2016-2017 Application Package

Word Document [13KB] Tentative Schedule for 2016-2017 CDBG Grant Cycle

Word Document [127KB] Reimbursement Request Form

Word Document [155KB] Quarterly Program Report

PDF [25KB] Application for Assistance (Attachment L) updated 07/25/16

PDF [12KB] Volunteer Log (updated 07/25/16)


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