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Now offering a special 2021 Summer Dance and fitness schedule! [661KB]PDF

All classes will temporarily be held at the Lucy Simms Center Auditorium. City resident registration begins April 19 and non-resident registration begins May 3. Please call 540-433-2474 to register or if you have set up an online account, you may register online.

Class participants are to arrive with their parent/guardian wearing a mask and staff will be there to greet the participant. Parents/guardians will wait in their car during class and may return to the facility to pick up the participant. Participants will undergo a quick health screening before entering each class and participants will socially distance during class participation. Please bring a water bottle to class. 

The Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Dance Program provides students with the utmost quality in dance education within a positive and nurturing learning environment.

The Dance Program promotes the art of dance by reinforcing proper technique and a sense of individuality. Our faculty strives to provide students with the experience to express themselves artistically while exploring movement in conjunction with the fine arts and humanities. We offer diverse dance pedagogies that connect to each student’s development, and all students will learn classical and contemporary dance technique.

Classes are offered year-round in the areas of Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Pre-School Dance, Modern/Lyrical, Musical Stage, and Irish Step for a variety of levels. We serve ages 3 ½ through Adult.

Our current faculty members are Cynthia Marafino, James M. Marafino, Katherine Narwid, Liza Vanyan, Tehya Moss and Merinda Hamblin-Hutchison. 

For information on dance program specifics contact Cynthia Marafino at

For registration information contact Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation at 540-433-2474.

PDF[661KB] Summer 2021 Dance Class Schedule - *Summer Classes will temporarily take place in the Lucy Simms Center Auditorium, 620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, 22802.

PDF[201KB] Dance Class Descriptions

PDF[19KB] Dance Attire and Dress Code

PDF[238KB] Dance Class Faculty

PDF[301KB] Blue Crew Dance Company Information

PDF[165KB] Dance Class Rules and Regulations

PDF[366KB] Separation Anxiety Information


Cancellation Policy for Bad Weather:

Dance Classes will not be held whenever Harrisonburg City Schools close due to inclement weather including school early dismissals for snow, sleet, or ice. If the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Activities Center closes due to inclement weather, classes will not meet. Saturday classes will not meet when Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Activities Center closes due to inclement weather. Please watch for closings on social media. Be sure your instructors have an up to date email to notify you of emergencies. The instructor will make up cancelled classes at later dates throughout the semester. 

Dance classes DO NOT close when city schools close for elections or teacher workdays.



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