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*Effective Monday, October 5, 2020 - JMU routes will operate as normal, except for late night routes.

  • Black, Blue, Green, and Pink lines will arrive every 15 minutes
  • Red Line will arrive every 12 minutes
  • Night routes will end at approximately 11pm Monday through Saturday (no late night service)

City Route System Map PDF[1055KB]

     System Map (City)

City Routes

Route One [115KB]

Route 1


Route Two [112KB]

Route 2


Route Three [115KB]

Route 3

Route Four [145KB]

Route 4

Route Five [115KB]

Route 5

Route Six [157KB]

Route 6


Tuesday and Thursday Service Only   -   Bridgewater/Dayton Shuttle [55KB]

El martes y el jueves servicio solamente.  -  Bridgewater / Dayton Conectar [72KB]


JMU Routes (effective Monday, October 5, 2020) - JMU routes will operate as normal, except for late night routes.

How to Read Campus Bus Schedules [414KB]

Inner Campus Shuttle [134KB]







Black Line [78KB]

*Service change effective 10/5

Black Line

Blue Line [75KB]

*Service change effective 10/5

Blue Line

Gray Line [106KB]


Gray Line

Green Line [78KB]

*Service change effective 10/5

Green Line

Pink Line [75KB]

*Service change effective 10/5

Pink Line

Purple Line [105KB]


Purple Line

 Red Line [103KB]

*Service change effective 10/5

Red Line


Yellow Line [105KB]

Yellow Line




Night and Saturday Routes (effective Monday, September 14th, 2020)

Night Inner Campus Shuttle (ICS) [130KB] - Route stops at 11pm Monday-Saturday

Saturday Inner Campus Shuttle (ICS) [300KB] - Route stops at 11pm

Shopper [112KB]

Gold Line [124KB] - Route stops at 11:19pm Monday-Saturday

Silver Line [120KB] - Route stops at 10:47pm Monday-Saturday

Yellow Line [104KB] - Route stops at 10:49pm Monday-Saturday


Sunday Routes (effective Wednesday, August 26th, 2020)

Sunday Shopper [125KB]

Sunday Shopper




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