ADA Transition Plan

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The City of Harrisonburg is working on an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Transition Plan for the public right-of-way to document current accessibility deficiencies, and establish policies and procedures to make transportation facilities in Harrisonburg accessible to all, regardless of ability, over time. This work, from a transportation perspective and required by the ADA, looks at all pedestrian infrastructure types including walkways (sidewalks and shared use paths), intersections (curb ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian signals), on-street parking, bus stops, work zones, etc. Required elements of the plan include self-evaluation, methods that will be used to make facilities accessible, schedule, a designated ADA Coordinator, and establishing a grievance procedure. 

The City recently hosted a focus group meeting, to learn from community members with lived experiences, to better inform the Plan and its priorities. The City also hosted a public open house to learn from the community's experiences. 

Press Release: Community Input Needed on ADA Transition Plan for Public Transportation PDF [338KB]

Open House Visual Aids

Public Works ADA Self Evaluation

An ESRI Dashboard created by the City of Harrisonburg Department of Public Works to show ADA related issues found throughout the city. Data was collected primarily through the summer of 2023. As work orders are completed, points related to protruding objects and sidewalk obstructions will leave the map. Access the Self Evaluation.

ADA Transition Plan Documents

ADA Transition Plan Draft PDF [375MB]

Appendix A. Grievance Procedure

Appendix B. Public Involvement Documentation (to be completed after the conclusion of public involvement)

Appendix C. Curb Ramp Assessment Checklist PDF [207KB]

Appendix D. Self-Evaluation Maps PDF [5MB]